Artist Statement

Nature has been a recurring theme in my work throughout my career as an artist. I found inspiration in the forests, waterways and farmland in Sweden where I grew up and studied art. In the United States I became intrigued by the varied California landscape especially the sun filled wine growing hills and valleys of Napa with its patchwork of vineyards.

Vineyards in Graphite is a collection of drawings in soft graphite pencil on BFK Rives paper from the last ten years. They depict the vineyards throughout the seasons and the day.

My style combines fine detail with an overall sense of abstraction. The perspective in my work gives each drawing a sense of intimacy with nature and places the vines in the larger context of the Napa Valley landscape.

Printmaking has been an important medium for me. My body of work as a printmaker includes work in drypoint, monoprint and woodcut that I created both in Sweden and in the United States.